Introduction of Xiangyang Library
Entrance Rules

1、Xiangyang library provides public culture service for all the public. Children 14 and below can enter the children reading area. Children aged 14 and below entering adult reading area shall be accompanied by a guardian.

 2、We open the library all year(365 days). Opening hours:Monday to Sunday 8:30-20:30;we will notify prior open time on National legal holidays. 

3、Our basic services such as common literature documents, consulting, information retrieval, public lecture, cultural exhibition project is free.

 4、People transact library card by ID card, household register and other effective certificate .The library card can be used only yourself. Readers borrow books required as well.

 5、Rational utilization of library resources and facilities; For the sake of others,get a small amount of reads books , please. Please put it back after finish reading, the library reading area seat is only for readers, please do not occupy the seats.

 6、Please keep quilt, before entering the library, please set mobile communication devices to silent mode.No frolic and chase, don't chat in the reading area, discussion. 

7、Readers should be polite and aware of their appearance,be dressed decently and follow the management of librarian.

8、Take good care of books, please do not cut, fold, tear, change documents, or comments and altered in the literature , etc.Take good care of public facilities, do not carve, damage or move furniture equipment.Violators will be processed according to the relevant provisions of the library.

9、Smoking is prohibited within the library. Inflammable explosive or toxic and dangerous items are not allowed in the library.

 10、Pay attention to public environment , do not spit or throw the peel confetti.

 11、Except special approval, please don¨t take photos and camera in reading area; If approved taking pictures and video, please do not use flash.Without permission, do not post or send out advertisement and other materials in the library. 

12、Please abide by the regulations of the library and follow the instructions of librarian.